About us

About SoPa Thai
SoPa Thai is a new and unique Thai restaurant based in Southend, Essex under the management of a young talented businesswoman who has a passion for Thai food.

You can come to eat or shop at SoPa Thai as there is a funky Thai supermarket corner at the back. You can find all the ingredients that we use in all our dishes at our market section if you fancy trying to cook some of dishes at home!

Nat SoPa is the director and owner of SoPa Thai. She has an educational background in Hospitality Management and business Studies.

Previously Nat was a lecturer in Business Studies Field both in Thailand and the UK and was a customer service agent in a five-star hotel in Melbourne Australia.

Nat SoPa loves to cook, it’s is naturally running in her blood as she grew up in a big family that used to cook 3 times a day to feed all its members. Her Job was first to help her mother on the preparation and food tasting and later to cook for a whole family.

Nat SoPa gave herself a reward after she finished her Master Degree by having formal cooking training from a well-known culinary school in Bangkok to fulfil the love of her cooking. This is why the standard of food is so high at SoPa Thai restaurant.
Here at SoPa Thai, Nat SoPa has brought many of her family recipes alive again! Most of the dishes on the menu are influenced by her family food. She is lucky enough to have such a great chef to work alongside to achieve and support the company’s mission statement, which is ‘Fresh Ingredients, Authentic Thai with a Twist’.

SoPa Thai also offers you fresh ingredients, which we order direct from Thailand to be delivered at our restaurant every Tuesday. You can come to eat our fresh food or shop our fresh ingredients and cook at home.

Soon we will teach a Thai cooking in our kitchen too, so keep your eyes on us!

If you are looking for a good place to taste Thai Food, must try SoPa Thai because you will not only taste a tasty food, but you will also feel the love and passion in the food. We believe that tasty food is not only the taste-by-taste buds but also must look good and have a feeling in the food too.

Look forward to welcoming you!